3 Impressive-Looking Desserts for Lazy People (Part 1)

In this fun three-part series, we take a look at exciting dessert ideas for all of you aspiring patissiers who, for entirely legitimate reasons, momentarily can't even.

1. Rainbow Pancake-Cake

rainbow cake, desserts

The rainbow pancake-cake looks striking as all heck-- even more so when you realize it's just six pancakes stuck together with frosting. To make this delectable masterpiece, start with a batch of your favorite pancake mix and divide into three bowls. Dye each bowl with a primary color food coloring and use half the batter to make a pancake. Then shift each food coloring over one bowl to make all the secondary colors (bonus: half the dishes). Smother each pancake in frosting and stack in rainbow order. Smother in more frosting. Serve. 

If you liked the spin-off, you're going to love the original. Check out all kinds of creative dessert ideas in the Happies bookstore! And stay tuned to the Happies blog for more time saving kitchen tips.