3 Reassuring Food Guarantees (That Actually Mean Nothing)

If a product wants to be organic, most governments are going to want it to meet certain standards to live up to that. But they can't standardize every word, a loophole that allows shady companies to make phony claims with no consequences. So next time you see one of these three "guarantees" stamped on a label, be careful. It may actually mean the exact opposite. 

1. All Natural

guarantees that don't mean anything all natural

In the U.K., an all natural label means at least you can't use GMOs. Not so in the US, where companies can slap the claim on literally anything from GMOs to plastic. Organic is a much more difficult title to earn, making it a far better alternative. 

2. Cruelty Free

cruelty free food guarantees lies not true

Even if a company is being mostly honest, cruelty free often means only that no animals were harmed in the final product assembly, with no mention of what may have happened in earlier steps. But companies can also straight lie, and for all your government cares that "cruelty free" stamp could be tested on animals itself. Where applicable, free range is a far safer option. 

3. Fat-Burning

guarantees don't mean anything mean nothing fat burning

Outlandish claims of medical value are regulated to hell and back, but apparently weight loss doesn't fit enough under that header to warrant even an asterisk. "Energy-Boosting" is just as bad since, again, boosting energy doesn't count as medicinal. Unfortunately there's no phrasing to guarantee that a product will rise to these claims-- always google the active ingredient (which they can't lie about) to ensure you get what you're paying for. 

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