3 Ways to Regrow Veggies from Scraps

We've all seen that you can regrow foods like avocados and potatoes from scraps but, while you can just throw some potato peels in the ground, avocados take a little more work. Luckily, almost all veggie scraps come in one of three categories, and once you master these you'll be tending your own grocery garden in no time. 

1. The Ground Growers

regrow veggies from scrap

These veggies are the easiest to regrow, requiring only that you bury some scrap under 3-4 inches of soil. Many of the foods in this category are root vegetables, and they should be ready 2-3 weeks after the plant sprouts. 

Examples: Potatoes (any part of the peel with eyes), ginger, garlic (1 clove), onions, pumpkin seeds

2. The Just Add Water

regrow veggies from scrap

These veggies can be planted in your garden soon, but first they need a brief activation phase in warm water with plenty of sunlight. Put leftover roots or stocks in a bowl with enough water to cover (leaving leftover leaves above water), and transplant when they start noticeably growing in 4-7 days. 

Examples: Lettuce, celery, lemongrass, green onions, basil, cilantro, turnips (use the top)

3. The Suspension Artists

grow veggies from scraps in the kitchen avocado potato lettuce celery yam sweet potato pineapple

These veggies (and some fruits) require a more steady hand-- you have to suspend them above water with toothpicks, allowing only a small portion to dip below the surface. Then hange the water every few days, and give a week or two for roots to form. Once you transplant, make sure that there's still a good portion of plant (or seed) sticking up above the soil. 

Examples: Avocado, pineapple (use the top), sweet potatoes

garden well with ways to grow veggies from scraps

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