An F-Bomb a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

sweary coloring book

If you're anything like me, you have a vibrant and colorful relationship with the F-word, spanning painful setbacks to epic moments to nervous stints in the principle's office. Ever since childhood, society has been telling us that our favorite hobby was "rude" or "vulgar,' but a new study out of Keele University suggests that, just like eating salad, practicing piano, or doing the odd numbered problems when the answer is totally in the back of the book, swearing may actually be good for your health. It's safe to say many of us already knew the de-stressing powers of a well-placed string of expletives. But even if you've just stubbed your toe, that F-bomb you instinctively dropped in front of those toddlers probably decreased your pain response. So you heard it here first-- swearing is the new kale. And if anyone tries to call you out for your newly expanded vocabulary, tell them to shove that S up their F-ing A. It's medicinal. 

swear word coloring book

For a more polite way to medicate, check out Swear Word, Sweary, and Swearing Cats, three relaxing swear-filled coloring books out of the Happies store. Put your artistic spin on these bold expletives and feel the restorative power of naughty words!


swearing cats coloring book