Go Vegan(ish)!

“Animals are my friends… and I don’t eat my friends.”

-George Bernard Shaw


We here at Happies have recently acquired Go Vegan by Keller Radis, and it’s got us thinking about our animal friends. There are a bunch of reasons to eat vegan, from ethics to the environment to health, but for many of us a reduction in cholesterol or greenhouse gas emissions just can’t compete with the unbridled joy that is a double cheeseburger. But with a few good vegan recipes under your belt, you don’t have to be perfect to enjoy amazing benefits like a 16 percent boost in metabolism after a vegan meal. And if enough of us go vegan(ish), the decreased strain on farmers will increase the quality of life for their animals. It’s as good for our friends as it is for us!

Go Vegan is just one of the amazing cookbooks available in the Happies store; Check out all out great titles and unleash your inner chef!