Can Healthy Lunch Make Kids Smarter?

healthy lunches make kids smarter

Even if you're not a parent, you probably already know that healthy eating is, shall we say, kind of important for kids. But if you are a parent, you still may not know that a healthy lunch can actually boost your child's performance in school-- with kids in healthy lunch programs performing an average of 4 percentile points better on national tests. That's according to a new study out of UC Berkeley, showing that consistent healthy lunches helped keep kids focused in the classroom, while a quick health-blitz could also help out on test day. 

Of course we at Happies have always been proponents of healthy lunches, but we know how hectic things can get in the mornings without having to prepare a fancy lunch. That's why we wrote 50 Homemade Kids Lunches, with incredibly easy, healthy lunches to keep your kids learning at 100%. And if it helps them stay active and fit, then that's just sugar-free icing on the cake. 

healthy eating makes kids smarter