Granny's a Badass

That granny is too fly to function. Her thermostat is always set to 16-- she's just that chill. She rolls up to the grocery rewards club in a sleek vintage walker, checkin' out the scene behind dark transition lenses. 

Granny's a fashionista; a knit wool sweater never goes out of style. She's got mad bling: 12 rings, 6 bracelets, and a slick gold chain with a life alert pendant. She's got a set of white enamel grills in a glass of water by her bed. 

She's got a flair for retro music. Her social media is highly exclusive-- she only has 3 Facebook friends. Granny turns up every night on Pedialyte and hard candy. 

Basically, granny's a badass. 

granny fun coloring book for adults

If you want to celebrate the badass granny in your life, check out the Granny adult coloring book. It's the perfect relaxing gift for grandma, or color it yourself and channel your inner granny!