Life Hack - Use These 7 Common Items to Get Permanent Marker off Anything

life hacks, remove permanent marker

We've all been there-- for one reason or another, you need to remove permanent marker from something, but even the most powerful cleaning products aren't having any effect. Luckily, there's a set of simple solutions even better than name-brand cleaners , and you probably already have them lying around the house! We've compiled a list of all the best ones so that, no matter what surface you need to remove permanent marker from, you can get it shining good as new in no time. 

1. Clothes - Hand Sanitizer

Soak the affected area and scrub until clean. You may have to do this a few times-- just rinse and wring out between scrubbings. 

2. Walls - Toothpaste

If you can spare one, a toothbrush makes the perfect wall scrubber. When you're done, wipe down with a wet towel. 

3. Wood - Rubbing Alcohol

Use the roughest scrubber you can without scratching the wood-- we recommend the business end of a sponge. 

4. Carpet - Vinegar

White vinegar works best. You may want to do a second wash with soap and water to remove the vinegar smell. 

5. Furniture - Milk

To get marker out of upholstery, simply soak in milk and scrub with a towel. Again, you may want to wash the milk out when you're done. Your call though.

6. Whiteboard - Dry Erase Marker

Just scribble over the permanent marker and erase with your finger-- it's that easy!

7. Ceramic or Glass - Baking Soda and Toothpaste

Mix one part of each and go to town. This mixture may also remove paint, so proceed with caution before lacquering up your hand-painted china set. 

life hacks, remove permanent marker

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