Plant a Billion Trees!

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It's time to face facts: the world is in a tree crisis. With one hundred and fifty acres of forest disappearing every minute, the planet is quickly running out of wooded areas and the ecosystems they support. Which is terrifying, because local communities need those trees to filter their drinking water and maintain their way of life. Also, trees stabilize the climate and are a vital part of the carbon cycle. It's safe to say that something has to be done. 

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At Happies, we are so happy to be partnering with Plant a Billion Trees,

an organization striving to get a billion saplings in the ground by 2025.

Plant a Billion Trees targets strategic areas that have been clear-cut or damaged by invasive species, driving back the damage by healing living trees and starting reforestation. They even employ members of the local communities in areas they target, creating green jobs and strengthening public connection to the outdoors. 

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With your help, we're proud to be helping out this incredible group by planting one tree for every book sold. It takes about one-one-hundredth of a tree to make a typical Happies book, meaning we will plant one hundred trees before we ever have to cut one down. It's just one more step in our mission to keep the world happy. 

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So next time you're relaxing with a Happies Book, you can have one less thing to stress about knowing your book is tree-positive and environment-approved. Together we can save this planet's forests-- one tree at a time.