Super Simple Smoothie Pops!

super simple smoothie popsicles

If you already know smoothies as a delicious and healthy way to kick start your morning, great news-- your favorite smoothie recipe is about to become the best popsicles you've ever tasted. With just a few simple tweaks, any smoothie can be made into incredible frozen treats, and you won't even have to cheat on your diet! 

You can easily just freeze a normal smoothie in popsicle molds, but for absolutely perfect consistency, here are our favorite additions:


If you're looking for a silky smooth pop that melts in your mouth, substitute at least half the liquid in your smoothie for coconut milk. It adds a tropical tang to fruit smoothies with strawberry, pineapple, or lime, and a full bodied kick to more savory smoothies with chocolate or vanilla. 


If you like having something more substantial to chew on, try adding a few berries or coarsely chopped fruits to give your pops some pizzazz. You can stir them straight into your smoothie, or try cutting thin slices and pressing them to the edge of your molds before filling for an easy, professional look.


Not only will protein powder add an extra boost of nutrition to get you through the day, it will also help your pops bind together, making them less prone to dripping and falling off the stick. 

If you don't yet have a favorite smoothie recipe, or if you're looking to change things up, we've got you covered with Blend Until Smooth, full of creative smoothie recipes that would make delicious pops!