The Difference Between Style and Fashion

difference between style and fashion

We recently launched our Little Book of Fashion, designed to help you look fashion forward in any situation, but most of the tips contained inside are actually style advice, not fashion. But so what? Aren't style and fashion the same thing?

Not entirely. Most experts in the industry would define fashion as following a trend, with a fashionable person being one who is always wearing the clothes on the magazine cover. Style, on the other hand, is a personal expression. A stylish person is someone who wears clothes that fit and reflect their personality. But the terms are related-- many people express their personal style through the fashion of the time, and most fashions begin as the style choice of a designer. 

In writing the Little Book of Fashion, we wanted to make a companion that can be referenced for years to come, and that's why we wrote about style. Because you can always buy more fashionable clothes, but only with style can you truly pull them off. 

fashion and style difference

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