Want Sociable Kids? Expand Their Vocabulary!

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It's no secret that kids who know more words will be more outgoing. And it makes sense that kids with a limited vocabulary would have trouble communicating and feel a sense of isolation. What's surprising, however, is just how much of a role early vocab has on social development throughout childhood, even if the child doesn't use the words on a day-to-day basis. The World Health Organization confirms the link-- kids who learn more words between 6 months and 3 years will be more socially and mentally active than their less verbose counterparts. They'll also be less prone to aggressive behavior and, according to the Social Development Journal, that's another perk that will stay with them through childhood. 

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Here at Happies, we understand how important it is to get solid vocab skills early. That's why we wrote Animal World Zoo, a beautifully illustrated coloring book full of adorable animals captioned with short identifying phrases to help kids learn. With 20 hand-illustrated pages, each featuring a different animal friend of Shaun the elephant, they'll certainly have a lot to talk about. Sneak a peek below!

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penguins are inside this child development book for reading to kids makes them more sociable learning vocabulary