We Want to End Picky Eating

end picky eating kid excited about veggies because of happies books and whatnot

All parents have been there at one point or another-- the absolute favorite health food of yesterday now yields only looks of derision and requests for ice cream. You can try forcing them to eat, bribing them with dessert, or hiding veggies in sauce, but they've got you figured out; you're not fooling them one bit. 

That's when experts say you need to bring your kids into the fold, letting them get excited about healthy foods and recipes that they've helped to pick out and make themselves. We realize this is easier said than done, which is why we've launched a whole line of children's books, cookbooks, and even coloring books designed to get your kids excited about healthy foods. 

picky eating kids

20 Foods to Make With Tomatoes is designed with high energy, cute illustrations to get kids excited about a fun and healthy fruit that is often pushed to the corner of the plate. With so many different options to choose from, your kids will feel much more agency and will be far more likely to give their meal a chance. Also check out 20 Things to do With Lemons, which combines it's titular fruit with all kinds of healthy options that kids will love. Hint: sour lemons counteract bitter, which will make spinach, broccoli, and other green veggies more appetizing!

end picky eating in kids

Then we have Super Carrot Saves Blind Mike, in which a heroic carrot must save a boy named Mike, who has been tragically blinded by excessive video games. Kids are more likely to eat foods they think are fun, and what's more fun than a magic carrot?

picky eating kids

Kids are also more likely to eat foods they've seen before, with many experts saying it takes 10-15 exposures before they'll be truly open to a new dish. To get them excited about a bunch of new foods at once, our Cooking Coloring Book is the perfect choice. 

end picky eating by baking with mommy

Finally, kids will eat more healthy foods if they feel included in the cooking process, but one can't simply hand a three-year-old a knife and expect them to chop the veggies. That's why we published the Baking With Mommy Cookbook, with tasks for you and your child in every recipe so you can experience the magic of cooking together without the stress of planning or delegating. And if your kids one day turn up their noses at one of the 50 healthy recipes contained therein, we have 49 more to bring them right back!