Halloween Coloring Books for Kids

Halloween Coloring Books for Kids


A seasonal favorite, the kids at your hotel will love this book!

The dressing up, the awesome candy and of-course Halloween coloring books for kids

Imagine if your guests could sit with their kids in their rooms just before they begin trick or treating and enjoy this Halloween coloring books for kids together? Would that be awesome? 

Who doesn't LOVE coloring halloween pumpkins? Much easier than carving might we add.

Coloring Books for children are a brilliant way to unleash their inner creative genius at a very young age.

Halloween Coloring Books kids allow your children to create beauty they can be proud of and hang up in your hotel lobby during this halloween season.


Contains 20  Illustrations

Sizes are length (inches) x width (inches) x height (inches).

Happies Coloring Book Designs are printed on single sided pages.

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Price is for 100 Copies

Recommended Retail Price is $14